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EPL: You don’t give freedom to Arsenal players – Fabregas criticizes Mikel Arteta

 Former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, has criticized manager, Mikel Arteta, saying the former Manchester City assistant coach doesn’t give the Gunners players much freedom to enjoy during matches.

Fabregas said this while giving his verdict on Arteta’s way of managing his team while drawing a comparative line with former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

The former Chelsea star joined Arsenal back in 2004 under Wenger’s regime and spent seven years playing for the North London club.

Comparing Wenger to Arteta, Fabregas said that the 72-year-old Frenchman gave his players more freedom to express themselves on the pitch, while Arteta doesn’t.

Fabregas told BT Sport: “I think everyone is different. Every coach is different and demands different things.

“Arsene always gave me a lot of freedom to be myself. I think Mikel now is a little bit of ‘it is his way.’ He doesn’t give much freedom to the players, it is about the way he wants the approach to be from himself, not the players.”

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