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EPL title: I won’t get carried away – Thierry Henry makes honest confession about Arsenal


Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry has admitted that he won’t get carried away by Arsenal’s impressive start to the season.

Henry said this while giving his verdict on Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League title this season.

According to the former striker, Arsenal only have hope at the moment amid the Premier League title, adding that Liverpool’s inability to keep pace with Man City in recent seasons should serve as a warning to Mikel Arteta’s side.

The Frenchman said he would wait until after the 38 Premier League games are played before he can celebrate.

“It’s 11 games, you celebrate the title after 38 games, not before that,” Henry told CBS Sports.

“That is me, I have always had that mentality. What we are talking about right now with Arsenal is hope.

“Manchester City can talk, Man City can be loud because we have seen it before with them and we know what it takes for a team to stay with them.

“Look at Liverpool… twice they tried to maintain the rhythm of Man City but could not do it. So, let’s see what’s going to happen to us.

“I won’t get carried away. But we have hope and I have a lot of hope at the minute.”

Arsenal currently sits on top of the Premier League table with two points ahead of second position Manchester City.

The Gunners will face Nottingham Forest in their next Premier League tie on Sunday after their next Europa League clash with PSV on Thursday night.

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