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DONE DEAL: Barcelona and Atletico Madrid settle on new fee for Griezmann


Barcelona president Joan Laporta has announced the sale of Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid.

In the second of a two season loan, there had been a dispute between the two clubs over the cost of Griezmann's permanent option

However, that has since been settled and Laporta said: "The agreed figure is 20 million (euros) fixed, plus 4 easily accessible bonuses."

Laporta also explained the reasons that led him to avoid legal action against Atletico for the attempt to circumvent the clause provided in the previous agreement.

"We feared that if we went to trial the case would take a long time. If after the World Cup had he returned to Barcelona, we would have guaranteed him another €36m.

"We managed to avoid this risk, acting as always in the interest of the club."

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