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Hungary coach Marco Rossi commits to contract: I owe this nation


Hungary coach Marco Rossi says he remains committed to the job.

Before last night's Nations League defeat to Italy, the former Sampdoria defender opened the door to a Premier League move.

But following the loss in Budapest, Rossi stated: "I don't think I'll ever be in competition with the Italian coaches who work in Italy.

"My intention is to continue my work here until the contract expires because I am still one of the old-fashioned ones - for me when you sign a contract and shake a hand then you have to keep that word.

"The contract will expire in December 2025 and I want to stay until it expires, unless they kick me out first ... I'm fine in Hungary, I live in a very civilized country where they love football perhaps even more than in Italy.

"In these 10 years, despite not speaking Hungarian, they have shown me their appreciation and esteem on a daily basis."

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