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EPL: Arsenal players will be jealous of Nwaneri – Perry Groves

 Former Arsenal player, Perry Groves, has said that some Gunners players would be jealous of Ethan Nwaneri who made his senior debut for Mikel Arteta’s side on Sunday.

Nwaneri’s debut delighted Groves, who said that such a move made by Arteta is a testament to the youth policy of the club.

He said there may be one or two touches of jealousy among Nwaneri’s peers at Arsenal’s academy.

“They will have watched him… what happens is they say to him ‘you’re too good for your age group.’ He would’ve been moved up,” Groves told talkSPORT.

“Obviously he’s got to fill out but he’s probably about six feet tall. They’ve looked at him and thought it’s not worth him playing in the Under-14s or Under-15s as he could get into bad habits so they’ll move him up and up.

“They’ll have said to him ‘we know you’re good technically but are you going to be able to handle the physicality?’

“He’s obviously come through that with flying colours and Arteta’s put him on the bench and they’ll have given him the experience for him to enjoy.

“Other academy players will say how pleased they are for him but if I was a 17 or 18-year-old who was aspiring and had a lot of potential I’d be thinking ‘hold on a minute, they think this kid of 15 is better than me.’ That’s a natural way to think.

“It’s a brilliant testament to Arsenal’s youth team policy.”

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