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Chelsea boss Tuchel: Dinamo Zagreb players have winning mentality

 Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says they'll be wary facing Dinamo Zagreb.

The Blues kickoff their Champions League campaign in Croatia tonight.

Tuchel said of Dinamo: "They are used to winning, it's a winning team. They are used to be on the top. That shapes a certain mentality. They made it through the qualification, which is never easy. They deserve to be here and I'm pretty sure they will plan to play a very technical, emotional game against us.

"They have individual quality like always, like every team of Dinamo Zagreb and any Croatian team. A lot of individual quality. Upfront they have speed and dribbling, on the wings. They will use the role as an underdog to over-perform and make us underperform. This will be their plan. We are aware of that.

"We are ourselves in a moment where we need to improve, we are not fully happy with the results, with our performances. We need to take the next step. It's Champions League, very exciting. We are very aware what the challenge is to play in a first match away in a group stage. It's difficult. It can end up in complicated situations but I think it's very important that we accept it and play a humble match, don't get stuck in our own expectations.

"We will accept the fight and the challenge and then we can also have the belief and trust we are able to win. We need to perform, for sure."

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