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Tottenham midfielder Hojbjerg finds positives in Roma defeat


Tottenham midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg drew positives from their preseason defeat to Roma.

Roger Ibanez's header from Paulo Dybala's corner on 29 minutes proved the difference between the teams at the Sammy Ofer Stadium, Haifa.

Hojbjerg said, “Of course, we need to be a bit sharper in every situation, but again, it's pre-season, and these are the things we're working on.

“We did have some good situations with high pressing, again, some opportunities created by moving the ball quickly, that was a positive, everyone is pushing, we're training hard, and everyone is responding in a fantastic way. Overall, the team is pushing and responding really well to what the coach wants."

The Dane also said: “It's always easier to go forward with good results, always easier," he added. “In the end, the result is the most important thing, above all, it's what counts. Again, I can't call this a 'friendly' game, you saw that with the intensity and, let's say, the mentality, which I appreciated.

“Everyone is responding well, and the coach is demanding a lot. Everyone is taking the information on board and trying to create their own personality in that system, which is good, positive, and something the team will benefit from. Overall, the players who have arrived, they are all really good players and that competition is important."

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