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Tottenham boss Conte tells Romero: Play with a hot heart and a cold mind

 Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has told Cristian Romero what he wants from him during games.

During the 1-0 defeat to Roma in Israel on Saturday night, he put in some strong challenges and at one point, he and Lorenzo Pellegrini had each other by the throat, and subsequently both went into the referee's book.

Conte explained what he wants from the Argentine and all of his Spurs squad.

"I think that in every situation, it's important to have a hot heart and a cold mind. This is the most important thing if you want to be a winner," said the Italian.

"You have to be ready to fight in the right way, but you also have to pay great attention. At the same time, I like when my team go to help another player to create a special unity.

"But every time, we need to also have a mind that's very, very cold. This is very, very important if you want to take another step."

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