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​Newcastle manager Howe not abandoning attacking approach


Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe is not giving up his attacking philosophy at the club.

The Magpies were involved in a thrilling 3-3 draw against champions Manchester City on Sunday.

Despite being 3-1 up at home, City pegged back Newcastle to escape St. James' Park with a point.

Asked about his style by reporters post-game, Howe stated: "There's no right or wrong approach, there's just an approach that suits you and your team at that moment.

"For us, and where we want to try to get to, I don't see the top teams sitting off or sitting deep.

"The majority of top teams around in world football are very aggressive, progressive and brave, and I think that's the model we're going to need to have long-term success.

"That's what I believe

"Hopefully, that's a display with a promise that shows what the future can look like.

"Of course, there's no guarantee that with that approach, you're going to be successful. It's very hard to be. The constant need for improvement is there in our game, and we have to improve a lot to get to Manchester City's level. We're still in the process of growing and developing, but there are some promising signs."

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