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Napoli president De Laurentiis reluctant to sign more African players


Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis admits signing African players is becoming a problem.

De Laurentiis currently has Victor Osimhen and Andre Zambo Anguissa, who represent Nigeria and Cameroon respectively, in his senior squad.

“I told them lads, don't talk to me about Africans anymore!" said De Laurentiis during a streamed event.

“I love them, but either they sign something confirming they'll back out of playing the Africa Cup of Nations, or otherwise between that tournament, the World Cup qualifiers in South America, these players are never available!

“We are the idiots who pay salaries only to send them all over the world playing for others."

De Laurentiis also lifted the lid on the sudden American investment interest in Italian clubs

He continued: “In recent years these investment funds have become fashionable, they have to guarantee their investors a certain revenue within five years.

“They saw that football is a great opportunity and they can double their investment by selling clubs to investment funds in future. That's what Milan and Inter have done, right?

“I am assailed by funds, I can't take it anymore. In 2017-18, an American fund offered me $900m to sell Napoli. But they don't realise I am this pure entrepreneur who enjoys playing the game, so let me keep playing."

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