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​Liverpool manager Klopp opens up on meeting 'fantastic' NBA coach Steve Kerr


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted his admiration for his counterpart in the NBA Steve Kerr.

The Golden State Warriors basketball coach visited the Reds at their training facilities this week.

He was photographed at the AXA Training Centre, with Liverpool posting social media images of the championship winning American coach.

Asked about their meeting, Klopp told the club's website: "We didn't have this kind of conversation, to be honest. We had a very private conversation. He's a fantastic guy. It was a pleasure to meet him. I made a picture when he spoke to a couple of the players and told the boys, 'If you would look one time that concentrated when I talked to you, that would be really cool!'

"Great guy, he was here with his missus, a wonderful lady as well. We had just a good time, to be honest. We didn't go in detail. So, I told him what we are doing, he was here obviously, how we do that and obviously the training grounds in basketball and football look slightly different and he liked everything what he saw here – it's a great place. How we deal with different things, this kind of stuff.

"The one moment when I was really, really happy that I didn't become [a] basketball coach was when he said he has to do press every day! Wow, that would be a killer. But he has a four-month break, so that's cool. He promised me he will speak about that in public, that's a real difference, but he didn't do that obviously, otherwise you would have told me. It was great. One of the greatest of the game, so it's absolutely outstanding. What it showed you again, you can be seen as big as you want in public, smart people still stay very grounded and just good people. It was a real pleasure to meet him."

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