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Hugo Guillamon: Valencia must heed lessons from Castellon defeat


Hugo Guillamon says Valencia must learn from their 1-0 friendly defeat to Castellon.

Guillamon admits they pay attention to the errors made midweek.

He said, "It was a difficult game from start to finish. We knew how they were going to face the game, because it was their presentation match in front of their fans. These matches are useful for improving and so that we don't think that all of our work is done. We have 10 days to go before the league season starts, and we have to keep going because we have things to improve."

On coach Rino Gattuso, Guillamon added: "I've felt comfortable with the coach from the first day that I trained under him. He's a good coach who I think is going to do things very well here.

"The team have welcomed him very well; obviously we still have things to improve, and with time we will pick those things up, but overall the team are very happy and he is too."

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