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French police have Pogba case amid claims of '€13M protection demand' at Juventus HQ


Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has informed French police of threats from an organised gang, it has been reported.

After brother Mathias Pogba's threats to reveal all about the Juventus midfielder and his management team, Radio France has reported the case is now with local police.

It is reported Pogba informed investigators, everything began between 25 and 29 March. Back in his hometown, in Lagny-sur-Marne, the player at the time of Manchester United was taken from his home by a group formed by some childhood friends, who would have accused him of not taking care of them. They would have asked for 13 million euros for the "protection" guaranteed over the years.

Pogba would later explain that he had to deal with this gang again, both in April in Manchester and in July near the Juventus training centre after his return from Los Angeles.

In Turin he would have recognised his brother Mathias in the group and at that point he decided to contacte the police through his legal team.

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