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Carragher and Neville pull apart Boehly and Chelsea market work: Panicky


New Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has been criticised by former Premier League pair Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

Speaking on the Overlap, Neville and Carragher pulled apart Boehly's transfer work and also his decision to clearout the likes of Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech.

Neville said, “There's a bit of something that in him. He's wandering around a little bit and they're a bit panicky now. You're wondering 'oh they're coming in for [Frenkie] de Jong this morning' because he feels like he has to do something, that pressure is on him.

“He wouldn't have had that pressure if he'd have kept the people that have been there before and just let them operate for a year or two, but it'll be an interesting season for Chelsea. Obviously, they've lost a few defenders as well. They might even lose more to Barcelona."

Carragher added: “I think the way most football clubs are run now, it's a lot more organised, a lot more sort of, you know, who you want, it's not sort of these panic things that used to happen in the past and people just go buy and you'd look at it.

“I look at a couple of things Chelsea do and I'm just thinking, is it a panic because you haven't bought someone and you gotta get someone. You bought Ben Chilwell for £50million and then you're trying to get another left back, like you didn't want them a month ago, you want them now."

Neville said, “They're [Chelsea] almost like bouncing around because it feels like he [Todd Boehly] has to do something," added Neville. “I'm hearing his name too much. It feels like, it's not to be disrespectful, you know he's a prominent guy, he's just bought the club and everything.

“He's fronted a fund that's paid two and a half billion quid, but to get rid of all that football operation that's been unbelievable for that many years and come in and do it yourself, it does feel like Ed Woodward that to me. We'll see it develop."

Concluding his analysis on Chelsea's change in transfer approach under the new setup, Neville added: “He (Boehly) looks a little bit green, a little bit naïve. He's certainly not as smart as the people Abramovich hired."

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