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Athletic Bilbao striker Gorka Guruzeta floating after first LaLiga goals

 Athletic Bilbao striker Gorka Guruzeta was thrilled with his first LaLiga goals in victory at Cadiz.

Guruzeta scored twice on Monday night in the 4-0 win.

He later said: "You always imagine that you can score a goal, but not in this way. The two goals are incredible because they are the only two that I have tried in the game."

Athletic brought Guruzeta back this season after time in the Segunda Division at Sabadell and SD Amorebieta.

“I am happy with the path I am on and what has brought me here. It wasn't easy to leave Athletic, but you have to get your batteries together to do things well and have opportunities to play here.

"The coach has always shown his confidence and I have continued to believe and work from the beginning to see if there are more opportunities like this one. I would like to have continuity, but there is a lot of competition because we have some central strikers that I have to learn from."

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