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Andea Belotti: Roma always my priority; I can't wait to play for Mourinho


Andea Belotti is delighted with his move to Roma.

The former Torino captain has signed a one-year deal with a two-year option.

Belotti said: "Roma was my priority, I always thought it was the right club for me. They are a very ambitious club, with a project and certainly the fact that they won the Conference League is a sign of growth.

"I knew of the club's esteem, but in the end the negotiations started and ended in the last week.

"There's been a lot of improvements, as shown by the ambitious ownership, the winning coach and the results on the pitch. I think they are the three fundamental things to say that this Roma is growing and has grown over the years."

On Roma coach Jose Mourinho, he said: "Yes, being coached by such a winning coach can only give me energy, I can't wait to go on the pitch for him."

On Paulo Dybala, Belotti added: "Yes, we played together for two years in Palermo, then we left together and went to the same city but in two opposite teams. Now it will be a pleasure to find him again."

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