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Liverpool manager Klopp: Nervous about losing Salah? Never!


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits it was crucial to hold onto attacker Mohamed Salah this summer.

The Reds have secured the future of the Egyptian winger, who signed a new contract.

After losing Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich, Klopp stated that Salah was one he never worried about having to sell.

Klopp told ESPN: "Very important of course. It's always like this. If it wouldn't have happened, we would have had to deal with that, but I knew early that Mo's wish was to stay and the club wanted him to stay. Then it's just negotiations.

"If you do that in other parts of business out there, nobody is aware of it. You just realise at the moment when they are still together. But in football, we all do that in public and that's why it felt, for the people, a bit nervy, but for us it was never like that.

"It was a very important signing for us. I always see it like this: if we had to sign him now from another club, wow, what a player we would get. But now we have him still here and that's absolutely great. You see him here now and he is absolutely happy about the future with us, so yes, great news."

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