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Klopp dismisses 'Liverpool vs Man City' claim: We didn't beat Chelsea once


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says the Premier Legaue title will not be another Manchester City versus Reds competition.

The two clubs have shown a level above the other teams in England in recent years.

City pipped the Reds to the title on the final day of the season, and Klopp hopes his side can go all the way this time around.

But the German admits that more teams will be in the race tihs term.

Klopp told ESPN: "We are not that far ahead. That's always a misunderstanding of the points tally of last season.

"We played Chelsea -- I don't know how many points more we had, I really don't -- but we played them four times and we didn't win one game against them. It's not because we are bad that day -- no, we were really good in those games -- but over 90 minutes each time, before the penalties [in the Carabao Cup and FA Cup finals], we never won, so Chelsea are incredibly strong.

"You have to look at Tottenham, and what they are doing at the moment. They didn't get worse this year. Arsenal are still there, Man United with a new start, all these kind of things.

"It's always the same and we changed a little bit -- not too much, but a bit. City changed maybe more, I don't know, but we will see in the next few weeks. But that's how it is. The basis has to be right, and it is right for us and from there, we can go. I'm not interested in the points we had last year, I'm only interested in what we can get this season, but I am positive, really optimistic, but I'm not sure, so we will have to fight and see what the outcome is."

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