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Tchouameni signed with Real Madrid for HALF of PSG contract offer


Aurelien Tchouameni rejected a double your money offer from PSG to sign for Real Madrid.

Marca says PSG striker Kylian Mbappe tried unsuccessfully to entice the midfielder while playing for the French national team. Tchouameni, though, always seemed to know what he was doing, as the new Real Madrid star has proved.

First, he turned down an unattractive offer, and then he declined Mbappe's invitation to join him in Paris.

PSG, in an attempt to put together a competitive team and make life difficult for Real Madrid. made an offer to the midfielder of 12 million euros net per season, well above the sum that Los Blancos have put on the table to sign the player for the next six seasons.

Without officially declaring the amount of the former Monaco player's wage, as is customary at Real Madrid, reports suggest that it will be between six and seven million euros for each of the signed campaigns, roughly half of what PSG offered.

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