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Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson: They treat us like animals


Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson has hit out after Saturday's Champions League final chaos in Paris.

Lawrenson has accused UEFA and the French police of treating Liverpool fans like animals during the chaos which marred the Champions League final in Paris.

Many supporters were attacked with tear-gas and pepper-spray before and after the game, while police also did nothing to help Liverpool and Real Madrid fans who were subjected to muggings and knife attacks by local youths.

The French authorities have blamed the issues with Liverpool fans struggling to get into the ground on fake tickets, calling it a "massive fraud at an industrial level".

Lawrenson said, "They don't like us. That's the bottom line and it was just a case of them thinking, 'Some of these are animals so let's treat them like animals'.

"They know there are 20,000 people coming in and they also know that supporters are there two or three hours before the game these days, having food and drink and soaking up the great atmosphere. And they've just gone, 'You know what, this is Liverpool, there is always a problem'. In fact, they were a bigger problem than any Liverpool supporter."

UEFA initially said the delay was down to the 'late arrival of fans' but then said 'fake tickets' had caused the problems.

"I see UEFA have changed their statement already. What a shock that is," Lawrenson said.

"Something should be done about it but I don't think anyone is expecting anything, which is ridiculous because I saw one interview with a dad and his lad who had special needs. And they got sprayed. What on earth? And then there were people — obviously locals — climbing over the fence to get in. Bonkers."

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