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Rooney admits Vardy trolling after 'Wagatha Christie' post was 'disgusting'

Coleen Rooney has admitted trolling directed at Rebekah Vardy after her 'Wagatha Christie' post was "disgusting".

In a viral social media post in October 2019, Mrs Rooney said she had carried out a "sting operation" and accused Mrs Vardy of leaking "false stories" about her private life to the press - prompting her to be dubbed "Wagatha Christie".

Mrs Vardy, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, denies leaking stories to the media and is suing her fellow footballer's wife for libel.

Mrs Rooney is defending the claim on the basis her post was "substantially true".

Shortly after the bombshell reveal was posted, Mrs Rooney says she was contacted by Mrs Vardy who demanded "WTF (what the f***) - what is this?"

To which Mrs Rooney replied: "You know what it is."

"I've got no idea," came Mrs Vardy's response

Mrs Rooney told Mrs Vardy's barrister Hugh Tomlinson QC at the latest day of hearings at the High Court on Monday that she had "zero interest in what is going on in her life".

The barrister said: "She makes it clear to you that it wasn't her, doesn't she?"

She says she has zero interest in what's going on in my life, which I believe is totally untrue," Mrs Rooney replied. "She talks about me a lot... so that was a lie," she added.

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