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Real Madrid coach Ancelotti: We were able to manage Liverpool


Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti says he always felt confident in victory over Liverpool in the Champions League final.

Real won 1-0 thanks to Vini Jr's winn-er.

Ancelotti said, "This European Cup has been the most difficult one. What helped us was the fact that everyone thought we couldn't win and that made the team show commitment, confidence and fight. We've created a good atmosphere. Our individual quality has made the difference.

"We deserved to win this competition. From the last 16, we've had to work hard for it, but we've never given up.

“We managed the game really well. It was important to get behind their defence. The back four all played really well because Liverpool couldn't play balls in behind us. When they pressed less, we managed the game better. Liverpool haven't lost many games this season.

“It's easier to win the Champions League with Real Madrid than with any other club because of the club's history and the fans' commitment. The fans are special and support the team from when they're kids. The club's set-up makes it special. I'm delighted to have won four Champions Leagues, but I'm even happier about having returned to Madrid. We've had a spectacular season. I'll never be able to thank the president, José Ángel and the players enough for the great atmosphere they have created."

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