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LaLiga: Why I didn’t snub Ancelotti – Simeone


Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone, has expained that he was happy to shake “extraordinary coach” Carlo Ancelotti’s hand.

Simeone has generated controversy this season by snubbing several opposition managers.

Notable among them was Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp.

However, Simeone greeted Ancelotti with a grasp of the hands after his Atletico Madrid side beat Real Madrid 1-0 on Sunday.

“I have shaken hands with [Valencia manager Jose] Bordalas, [and Athletic Bilbao manager] Marcelino too,” Simeone said in a press briefing.

“It depends on the match.

“Sometimes we cross paths and, in that situation, we greet each other. I have admiration for Ancelotti, he is an extraordinary coach.

“He has won in five different leagues. With the personality like the one he has… he handles himself the same whether he wins or loses.”

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