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Evra gives verdict on Ronaldo amid calls for Ten Hag to sell Ballon d’Or winner

Former Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra has given his verdict on Cristiano Ronaldo amid calls for the club’s new manager, Erik Ten Hag, to sell the five-time Ballon d’Or winner this summer.

Despite Ronaldo’s impressive goal tally last season for Man United, many felt his lack of work off the ball and his reluctance to press cost the Red Devils over the course of the campaign, which could be a concern for the incoming coach, Ten Hag.

Recall that Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher believes Ten Hag should sell Ronaldo this summer, saying on SkyBet’s The Overlap: “Manchester United can’t go into next season with a centre forward who is going to be 38, even if he does score goals that’s not right for Man United.”

But Evra has leapt to the defence of Ronaldo amid questions over his impact since returning to Manchester United.

The Frenchman, who shared a dressing room with the former Real Madrid and Juventus star for three years, has come out in support of his old team-mate by questioning where the club would be without him.

“Cristiano – it’s not a question,” Evra told The Mirror.

“Can we leave this guy alone? He is got 18 goals. Where would we be if Cristiano was not in this squad?

“That is why when people talk about him, I am like, “those people are not in peace with themselves or they are jealous”.

“It is so crazy, I don’t even want to answer that question anymore because I have answered so many times.

“I will give you one thing: put Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester City, Liverpool or Chelsea team [and he will do well]. But put one of their best players – put Mo Salah in United – [he will struggle] like every player.

“And they say it is because he is my friend or whatever. No. I am in love with his work ethic, with his professionalism.

“He is 37. This guy, even at 40, will still score goals. And he’s here for that, that is what people want from him.

“So, that is why when people ask me about Cristiano, sometimes I just don’t wanna answer anymore because he’s proved so many times – hat-tricks or whatever.

“And the funny part is when people say he doesn’t defend. When he won the Ballon d’Or in 2008, Cristiano’s best quality was not to defend.

“So let’s talk about what he’s good at, and what he is good at is to score goals,” he added.

Ronaldo has not disappointed in front of goal in his second stint at Old Trafford, scoring 24 times in 38 appearances last season.

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