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Champions League expansion proposals to be decided this week

The future of the Champions League is set to be decided in a series of crucial meetings this week.

The executive board of the European Club Association is meeting in Madrid today to decide whether to continue to support controversial proposals to allow two clubs the safety net of qualifying for the Champions League based on their historic performance in Europe.

The Champions League is expected to expand from 32 to 36 teams from 2024 which has led to heated debates about how the extra four places should be awarded and how many group games each team should play.

As well as the ECA meeting on Monday, UEFA's executive committee and its club competitions committee are meeting on Tuesday and, the following day, Vienna is hosting UEFA's Congress.

The so-called new "Swiss model" format of the Champions League will have 36 teams in a single league playing eight or 10 matches against opponents based on seeding. The top 16 teams will go through to the knockout stage. The new format is designed to generate more revenue for clubs and appeal more to fans and broadcasters.

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