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Manchester United told to give Cristiano Ronaldo captain armband

Bayern Munich left-back, Alphonso Davies has told Manchester United to give the club’s captain armband to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Davies cannot believe Ronaldo is not the captain of Manchester United.

The defender was streaming on Twitch when he talked about Man United’s captaincy situation.

The Canadian told his viewers to put themselves in Ronaldo’s perspective regarding taking orders from Harry Maguire, who is currently Man United’s captain.

Davies said: “Imagine if you are Ronaldo, right, one of the greatest players ever in the 21st century. And Harry Maguire is your captain. And you refer to him as cap.

“Give him [Ronaldo] the leadership bro. I am not dissing Harry Maguire, but Ronaldo should get the armband on.”

Maguire was named Man United’s captain in January 2020 under former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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