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He was right, your players targeted him – Campbell slams Gerrard over comments on Saka

Former Arsenal attacker, Kevin Campbell, has hit back at Aston Villa coach, Steven Gerrard, over his comments on Bukayo Saka following the Gunners’ Premier League 1-0 victory over Aston Villa last weekend.

Recall that Saka, who scored the only goal of the match as Arsenal defeated Aston Villa at Villa Park, said he was not happy with some of the tackles from Aston Villa’s players during the clash and even voiced his frustrations to the referee, Andrew Madley.

But Gerrard believes the England youngster should not have complained about the tackles he received from Aston Villa’s players, adding that he had 16 operationsduring his playing career.

And now Campbell has now hit back at Gerrard, insisting that Saka was right and Aston Villa players targeted him during the match.

Campbell told Football Insider: “We saw Steven Gerrard ask for his players to be protected when he was at Rangers. If it is for you, it is alright, but when it is against you… Saka has done the right thing as far as I’m concerned.

“At the end of the day, being kicked from pillar to post is not nice. We don’t want that happening to a young, gifted English player. It looked like he got targeted the other day. He kept getting up, though. He wasn’t moaning.”

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