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I don’t understand it – Azpilicueta slams Ref Taylor, VAR for not giving Sadio Mane red card

Chelsea captain, Cesar Azpilicueta has said that he did not understand why the referee failed to send off Liverpool’s Sadio Mane after the Senegalese’s elbow on him during their 2-2 draw on Sunday.

The Spaniard insisted that it was a ‘clear red’ and slammed Premier League officials for their lack of consistency.

Just six seconds into the match, Azpilicueta was floored and referee Anthony Taylor showed the Liverpool forward a yellow card.

Azpilicueta told Sky Sports after the match that, “It’s a clear red, I don’t mind if it’s five seconds into the game and the first actions, it’s a clear red.

“He doesn’t want to challenge, he doesn’t want to see the ball, he just wants to hit with the elbow. Honestly I don’t understand it.

“The other day we had two penalties where VAR didn’t come, today the first action is a clear red card.

“Of course we are getting these decisions against us that of course could change the way of the game.

“I can understand we are promoting 50/50 challenges in the Premier League, but sometimes we have seen joke penalties and sometimes, we see real dangerous actions and we don’t take action.

“We saw for a few weeks, for a few games where referees become a bit softer in terms of red cards.

“Then it becomes the opposite – I don’t know what happens. We don’t have consistency even in the same game or through the season. It is disappointing.”

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