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I am lucky to be alive, my leg may be amputated – Tiger Woods

American golfer, Tiger Woods has said he feels lucky to be alive and described his recovery from a life-threatening car accident in February 2021, as the toughest of his career.

Woods stated this during a press conference ahead of the Hero World Challenge.

It is the first time he has addressed the press since sustaining serious injuries to his lower right leg, foot and ankle following the accident earlier this year.

The 15-time major champion had undergone surgery 10 times prior to the incident in Los Angeles and was in hospital for three weeks after the crash before continuing his rehabilitation at home.

Woods also admitted that amputation of his right leg “was on the table” due to the severity of his latest injuries.

He said: “This one has been much more difficult. The stuff that I had on my left knee, those operations were one thing, that’s one level. Then you add the back fusion, that’s another level. Then with this right leg, it’s hard to explain how difficult it was just to be immobile for three months.

“I was just looking forward to getting outside. That was a goal of mine. Especially for a person who has lived his entire life outside, that was the goal. Finally got to that point when transitioned from wheelchair to crutches to now nothing. It has been a lot of hard work.

“It has been tough at times. Yes, some dark moments, but then again, as I was making progress through it, too, I could see some light and that was giving me hope. I’m able to participate more with my kids and their activities and more just in life in general.

“I’m lucky to be alive but also still to have the limb. Those are two crucial things. I’m very grateful that someone upstairs was taking care of me, that I’m able to not only be here but also to walk without a prosthesis.”

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