Rugby Africa: World Flair becomes official supplier of rugby balls and referee kits to Rugby Africa
Rugby Africa (, and World Flair sign a five-year partnership agreement to supply match balls, referee kits and other textiles and sports equipment to the African Rugby Confederation and its member federations .

Alain Vichy, Managing Director of World Flair is delighted to have formalized a relationship that has existed for a long time with African rugby and has already borne fruit.

“We have worked with Rugby Africa and some of its federations for many years as needed and have forged excellent relationships and acquired a solid knowledge of the issues and challenges of playing rugby in Africa. I personally believe in the strong growth potential of rugby in Africa, in particular among young people and women and in particular at the level of rugby 7. The supply of balls and other equipment at a good quality-price ratio seems to us essential to support the development of African rugby. It is in this spirit that we partner with Rugby Africa and look forward to contributing to the rise of African rugby. "

The colorfully designed match balls have been successfully tested during the 2021 Rugby Africa competitions and have given the teams and their scorers complete satisfaction. World Flair is already equipping Rugby Africa's referee panel and will continue this support by developing its range of products. Rugby Africa federations will also have access to special offers from World Flair.

Rugby Africa President Khaled Babbou insists that the supply of balls is a major issue for growing African rugby federations.

“We have studied several quality offers and that of World Flair caught our attention thanks to the quality of the products offered and their accessibility. The supply of balls remains a very important challenge for many African federations. Almost everywhere in Africa, it remains impossible to buy rugby balls locally. The purchase price, the cost of transport, the customs clearance fees make the supply of this item after all essential to the practice of our sport, very complex. Not to mention that the playing conditions, sometimes on rough terrain and extreme weather conditions, can negatively impact the life of a ball. World Flair is well aware of all these problems and offers a suitable solution with an attractive design. We intend to develop this partnership and make it benefit on a larger scale all of our interested federations. "

It is a win-win partnership between Rugby Africa and World Flair which is part of a long-term commitment to better support the development of African rugby at all levels with solutions adapted to all needs.