Rodgers advised to get rid of Cristiano Ronaldo immediately Man United appoints him

Former West Ham striker, Carlton Cole, has told Brendan Rodgers to get rid of Cristiano Ronaldo once he is appointed as Manchester United boss.

Cole believes this is one of the first things the Leicester City manager should do if given the nod.

Many followers of football believe Solskjaer’s reign at Old Trafford is over and reports in England point to Rodgers as the immediate replacement.

Many people believe United should not be suffering after bringing in Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund, World Cup and multiple Champions League winner, Raphael Varane and goal machine, Cristiano Ronaldo.

But the Red Devils went 12 points behind league leaders, Chelsea on Saturday after falling 4-1 to lowly rated Watford at Vicarage Road.

“Leicester fans are going to hate me for this one but I feel Brendan Rodgers could go in and I feel he would be the right man for the Man United job,” the ex-West Ham striker said on The Sports Bar.

“Get rid of Ronaldo, he’s [Rodgers] going to have to usher him out.

“The reason is because if you have someone like Brendan, he wants to build for the future.

“They’ve got a few prospects in that team that have not even played yet, very good players, and there’s talk of Jude Bellingham coming in as well.

“You’ve got to plan for the future – is Ronaldo the future of Man United?

“We know how he wants to play, Brendan Rodgers, he loves the high press, he loves the high energy, working off the ball, he loves that.

“He’ll eradicate the players that are not fitting into that formation or system, he has to, otherwise he’s going against his own morals.

“He’s always going to get a goal, but you need to play to his strengths and playing to his strengths is not playing to Man United’s strengths.

“Man United need to be a high pressing team, they need energy, they had that going on last season to be honest, they had it.

“Then coming into this season and getting Ronaldo, you’re not going to turn down Ronaldo if he’s going to come to you so they have to ride it.

“Ole, I don’t think he’s figured it out how to go back to last season and add Ronaldo to build for the future.

“Ronaldo is the main man now and he’s scoring all the goals and important ones as well, but it’s not helped him at all, getting into this season with Ronaldo. This season has not been good for United.”