How Walter Smith taught Cristiano Ronaldo how to Pass the ball – Alex Ferguson


Former Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson has recalled how late former assistant coach, Walter Smith taught Cristiano Ronaldo how to pass the ball.

Sir Ferguson spoke at a memorial service for Smith, who was also a former Rangers, Everton and Scotland manager.

Smith and Ferguson worked together with the Scotland national team and at Manchester United.

Smith died in October at the age of 73, having suffered from cancer for three-years.

The service was held at the Glasgow Cathedral where many football legends gathered to pay their respects.

Ferguson recalled how he first noticed Smith’s coaching talents during a course at Largs in 1972.

“Imagination, control of the session, he was a certainty to make it,” the former Rangers player said.

Smith began his coaching career with Dundee United and Ferguson told how he briefly employed the Scot as his assistant with Scotland and Manchester United.

The Man United boss also told how Smith refereed training games and would take a lax approach to challenges on Ronaldo, who “came with all the tricks in the world and wanted to beat all the players.

“He [Ronaldo] walked up to me and said ‘Boss, do they not have fouls in Scotland?’

“And he learned. He learned how to pass the ball and he can thank Walter for that. No question.”