Ex-Belgium coach Verheyen says Origi needs to leave Liverpool: Does he have the drive?

 Former Belgium coach Gert Verheyen says Divock Origi needs to leave Liverpool.

The 51-year-old coached Origi at U19 level with his national team, but he feels the striker hasn't developed since his arrival on Merseyside in 2014.

“We just don't know how good he is today. In his youth, Divock was a class act. But by staying with Liverpool and playing little, he hasn't developed further," he told Het Nieuwsblad.

“Can you blame him [for staying at Anfield]? That's his choice. Liverpool must be a fantastic club to play for.

"But at some point you want to play, don't you?

“I think it would be a shame for Origi's talent. The only thing I never felt about Divock was the urge – the urge to score, a striker who says 'I scored two, now I want three.'

“Not that he didn't do his best. We played with the U19s in a dilapidated stadium in Serbia where you had to wash yourself in a tub of water, so to speak. Divock tried his best. But scoring more, wanting more? That he didn't.

“Can he extend that to his career choices?"