Antonio Conte effect two Chelsea changes at Tottenham


Italian boss, Antonio Conte has banned players of his new club, Tottenham, from eating ketchup and mayonnaise exactly one of the rules he effected while at Chelsea.

The former Inter Milan started his new managerial role on a brighter note in the Europa Conference Cup, against Vitesse, but could not beat Everton at the weekend.

The Italian has his work cut out in order to secure a top-four finish for Tottenham in the Premier League.

He, according to The Athletic, is already implementing some of the rules he brought in at the start of his successful stint at Chelsea.

The former Juventus and Chelsea believes a number of players at Tottenham are ‘overweight’ and has taken away ketchup and mayonnaise from the canteen.

It is also reported that Conte is limiting the amount of fruit juice his players are allowed to drink and is keen for more fruit to be eaten.

After a 3-2 victory over Vitesse in the Europa Conference Cup, the Italian said he has been unhappy with the physical condition of Tottenham stars, insisting that the current fitness levels were ‘unacceptable’.