Do your job, you’re talking like robot – Roy Keane mocks Maguire

Manchester United legend, Roy Keane has mocked the club’s captain, Harry Maguire.

Keane said Maguire is talking like a robot, adding that the defender should do his job at Man United.

He also insisted that the England international lacks personality and emotion.

“What Man United have always had over the years, never mind talented players, they had players with character and personalities,” Keane told Sky Sports.

“I don’t see it in this group.

“I heard Maguire talking during the week, he was like a robot.

“He was like [adopts an English accent]: “Oh, er, apologies to the fans.” There’s no emotion behind it.”

“I’m fed up with this chat after games.

“And again, I’m fed up with this chat after the game and apologising.

“Harry Maguire was talking about needing to come together as a group. No. You need to sort your game out. If you’re going to be the leader of that group, you need to get the basics right, do your own job.

“People keep saying he might not be fit. Might not be fit?

“He gave away a goal against Leicester a few weeks ago, it was nothing to do with fitness. It was a lack of professionalism, not doing his job properly.”