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Caulker: Why Ex-Tottenham footballer is helping gambling addicts


The centre-back says he took the initiative given the impact the addiction had on his personal relationships and family

All that Steven Caulker and his buddies had to do while on a private plane enjoying a holiday in Cyprus was go to a fancy casino and enjoy some gambling fun.

When you've worked so hard to become a VIP or high-value customer, this is the kind of life you live. There aren't any fees to pay since it's an all-expense-paid trip. So you can go gambling without the fear of running out of money. Now, this may easily be considered a dream trip for many people.

Still, all the luxury played a role in "suffocating" addiction for the ex-Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers defender. Caulker had a massive issue with gambling. He'd formerly gone to rehab, voluntarily surrendered his bank cards to his folks to skip temptation, and barred himself from engaging in all forms of gambling in the UK. However, when it was all laid out for him and his pals, he couldn't stop himself.

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