Saudi Crown Prince Planning To Splash Over £3bn To Buy Manchester United

Saudi Arabian crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, who is worth £850billion is reportedly planning to .splash over £3bn to buy Manchester United.

Mohammad bin Salman, is said to be set to make a huge Middle East investment by splashing over £3bn to buy Manchester United football club.

The 33-year-old who holds the second highest position in the Saudi government behind the King was previously reported to be planning on taking over the Abu Dhabi-based owners of Manchester City in the Premier League.

Now The Sun is reporting that Bin Salman wants to make his mark in the world of football and views the Glazer-owned Manchester United as the perfect acquisition

To acquire the club, it would cost the Saudis more than £3bn to become the new owners of Manchester United.

It is as yet unclear whether the Glazer family would be willing to sell the club, but Co-chairman Avram Glazer’s recent whereabouts have fuelled rumours of an imminent sale with him spending most of his time in the Middle East.

According to the reports, Avram is even due to attend the Future Investment Initiative conference in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh next week, alongside leading bankers and investors based around the globe.