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Premier League to support new PFA brain health assistance fund

The Premier League will support a new fund created by the Professional Footballers' Association to assist former players impacted by dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions.

A study commissioned by the PFA and the Football Association found that former professional footballers were 3.46 times more likely to have neurodegenerative diseases and more at risk of being diagnosed with dementia.

The FA has been looking to mitigate against potential health risks and dementia, and last year granted approval to run a trial to remove deliberate heading in matches across the Under-12 level. Now, there will be financial assistance to those already impacted as first reported by Sky Sports News in April. 

"An initial amount of £1m will be made available immediately to provide discretionary financial support to former players and their families to help improve their quality of life," the Premier League said on Wednesday.

"The fund will be in place whilst the PFA and Premier League seek to establish a charity involving other football stakeholders as the longer-term vehicle for support."

Only the Premier League and the PFA are contributing to the fund, but they are hoping to bring the rest of football involved.

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