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Maguire: I can handle the pressure

Harry Maguire has claimed he can handle all the criticism that comes his way after a difficult night for England against Scotland, adding that any focus and pressure he can take from his team-mates is a positive thing.

Maguire, a half-time substitute, was jeered by the Hampden Park home crowd every time he touched the ball and scored a second-half own goal, though England ran out 3-1 winners in Tuesday night's friendly.

The treatment of the Manchester United defender led a "livid" Gareth Southgate to brand it as "an absolute joke" and the England manager blamed the actions of "people in our own country" for Scotland fans jumping on his back.

Maguire has had his say on recent criticism: "I would not say I am a person who struggles with pressure mentally. I have been through a lot in the last couple of years and I have been Manchester United captain for nearly four years. You take a huge amount of responsibility and everything that comes with it, and that is a lot of bad as well as good.

"I would not say I am used to it, but I can deal with it. It pretty much takes the pressure away from my team-mates and puts it all on myself. It makes them play better, for sure. It is a little bit of banter and it is a hostile environment, coming away to Scotland.

"We have given them a goal, which is unfortunate. We knew it would be hostile and in the second half, I got most of it. I am happy to go with that, don't worry about that."

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