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Antony denies fresh accusations of domestic assault in social media post

Manchester United forward Antony has again taken to social media to deny allegations he assaulted his former girlfriend.

Brazilian media outlet UOL published fresh allegations made by Gabriela Cavallin on Monday.

In June, Antony released a statement on Instagram saying he had been falsely accused by Ms Cavallin of committing domestic violence.

On Monday, amid further claims, Antony said he "trusts ongoing police investigations will reveal the truth about my innocence".

Manchester United are not commenting after the new allegations were reported, and the club referred to Antony's initial statement on June 28.

Since then, Antony has released a second denial on social media.

The statement reads: "I can say with confidence that accusations are false and that the evidence already produced show that I am innocent of the accusations made.

"My relationship with Ms Gabriela was tumultuous, with verbal offences from both sides, but I never practiced any physical aggression."

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