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NFL star, Joe Mixon found not guilty in road rage case

NFL star, Joe Mixon was on Thursday, August 17, found not guilty in a road rage case. 

 The 27-year-old football player was initially charged in the case back in February after a 43-year-old woman alleged he pulled a gun on her on January 21 and threatened to shoot her over a dispute the two had been having on a roadway in Cincinnati.

The charge was at first dismissed just a couple days after it was filed, but the case was reopened on April 7 after investigators said they found "new evidence." Mixon pled not guilty to the charge less than two weeks later on April 19.

The tailback had been in court on trial in the case since the start of the week and after four days of back-and-forth between prosecutors and Mixon's attorneys, a judge found him not guilty of misdemeanor aggravated menacing. 

The NFL star did not take the stand during Thursday's proceedings, but he appeared relieved after the judge's ruling was announced.

Joe did not speak with reporters after court, directing media members to speak with his attorneys instead. One of the lawyers said outside of the courtroom, "We thought it came out the way it should have."

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