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Swiss gymnastics bosses launch ban on photographers taking 'suggestive' photos of gymnasts' legs spread upwards


The Swiss Gymnastics Federation (STV) has imposed a ban on photographers taking 'suggestive' photos.

The ban is being introduced in an attempt to keep the focus on the gymnast's poses and positions, according to German outlet Bild 

The STV claim in their new guideline that the main intention is to prevent images of the gymnast's 'crotch' and that they hope to remove 'otherwise ethically sensitive' photos from being published

A statement read: 'To protect gymnasts, the STV strives to ensure that no suggestive or otherwise ethically sensitive photos are published and passed on. Especially photos where gymnasts were photographed in the crotch.'

It added: 'The STV is aware that such photos can arise in action photography. However, publication should be avoided. The main concern of the STV is to sensitise the media professionals and to let common sense prevail.'

Pictures of gymnasts in a pose that sees their legs spread upwards - which you might see on the uneven bars or balance beam will be banned, with images of a splits pose dependent on the angle of the picture.

Naomi Kempter of the STV is adamant that imposing the ban was necessary, and ought to have been introduced sooner.

'We wanted to send a signal that we no longer want such photos,' Kempter stated. 'It was high time for something like this. 

This move from the Swiss federation may have far-reaching consequences, with neighbouring Germany suggesting that they could adopt something similar. 

The German Gymnastics Federation stated that they had 'adjusted' positions in which photographers could stand in order to prevent more photos taken with the gymnast's legs spread. 

'We have now slightly adjusted the positions for the photographers at competitions. On the uneven bars, for example, we avoid a position in front of the device in order to avoid spreading situations directly in front of the camera.' 

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