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Real Madrid board lettingdown Ancelotti - Romero


Pundit Antonio Romero feels Real Madrid haven't done right by coach Carlo Ancelotti this season.

Ancelotti's position is in doubt given how Barcelona are running away with the LaLiga title.

Romero said on El Larguero: “It's how it smells now with Ancelotti, but the lean part of the season remains. I think he is very clear about it. It is hard for me to see Ancelotti confused with everything he has won.

"He may be upset that players are not performing as expected. He is a veteran guy and he already knows where the criticism comes from. But he has always been clear: if he doesn't win anything, he won't continue. In the first season, if (Sergio) Ramos doesn't score the header, he's out. He knows that his future is at stake.

"Ancelotti is working with what he has, now you can't talk about bad squad planning. Blaming him seems unfair. Real Madrid did not want to sign. And now there is Carlo in a scenario in which he wants Kroos and Modric to renew and it is not closed yet."

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