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Man City boss Guardiola: Bernardo key to victory over Newcastle; 'hello' to title race


Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was happy after their 2-0 win against Newcastle in Saturday's early kickoff.

Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva struck for the win.

Guardiola said, "Bernardo [Silva] had the ability to help us have long possessions or make the possessions longer. He had the ability to keep the ball and make the extra pass because in that moment the game was broken.

"It was better for Newcastle. We didn't want the game in transitions so that's why Bernardo was the idea. It works and we won so it's perfect.

"The game started and they were better, we struggled to build-up, we made some changes during the first half and after the brilliant action from Phil [Foden], we had the game in our hands, we didn't suffer.

"The first minutes of the second half were good but then we lost the game and Bernado helped us to come back. Their threat is not a surprise, there is a reason why they were in the Carabao Cup final and for a lot of minutes they were better than United.

"This team and this club in the next few years will be a threat for the title."

On Foden, he said: "His commitment without the ball, both him and Jack [Grealish]... Of course, it was a deflected goal but the aggression to go in is something we've missed a little bit this season. Now it is what we need to feel.

"In these positions, in that part of the goal, you have to be aggressive like he was for the goal."

On the title race, Guardiola concluded: "Before the game it was 'bye', now it is 'hello!' Lots of things are going to happen. It was an important, important game and then tomorrow I'm going to sit in front of the TV to watch what happens at Anfield."

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