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'I performed valuable services' - Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman sues him for $30m

Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend is suing him for $30million, adding that she should still be living in his house, despite the both of them not being in a relationship.

Erica Herman had been living with him in Florida for the duration of their six-year relationship.

During that time, the ex-restaurant manager claimed she performed ‘valuable services’ for the 47 year old golfer in lieu of paying rent.

There was only ever an ‘oral tenancy agreement’ between the pair, which she alleged was supposed to last five more years after they split last autumn.

In new documents obtained by TMZ, Erica claimed Tiger’s staff convinced her to pack for a ‘short vacation’ without the golfer last autumn but, after driving her to the airport, she was told she had been ‘locked out’ and wasn’t allowed back to the house.

 The 38-year-old alleged one of Tiger’s lawyers met her at the airport with a proposal to resolve any issues between the former couple.

She has also claimed she had more than $40,000 (£33.7k) in cash confiscated from the house, and that he accused her of doing ‘something shady’ to get the money.

Erica has launched the lawsuit against Tiger’s trust, the titleholder on the house, and is asking for $30m which she claimed is the ‘reasonable rental value’ of Tiger’s house for the five years she claims remain on their verbal agreement.

In response to the lawsuit, Tiger’s trust denied there was ever any oral contract.

The golfer’s team said Erica was simply staying at the property as his girlfriend, so was asked to leave after the sportsman – whose two children with ex-wife Elin Nordegren also live at the house – ended their relationship.

News of the lawsuit came shortly after it was revealed Erica had asked the court to invalidate a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed in August 2017.

She cited the Speak Out Act, which protects victims of sexual assault or harassment.

The paperwork for the filing states the pair ‘had a long relationship’ that was both professional and personal.

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