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Gary Lineker: British Prime Minister, Sunak reacts to removal of ex-England star from MOTD


Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, has issued a statement regarding former England striker Gary Lineker’s controversial removal as the presenter of the BBC’s Match Of The Day (MOTD) program.

Lineker has found himself in a big problem for his recent comments on the United Kingdom’s new policy on illegal immigration.

When Home Secretary Suella Braverman posted a video of the United Kingdom’s new policy on small boats crossing the English channel, Lineker drew comparisons with Nazi Germany.

Lineker’s comments became the subject of debate across the political world in the past few days.

However, Sunak has now released a statement insisting that forty-five thousand people crossed the channel illegally in the past two years.

His statement read in part (via Liverpool Echo): “As Prime Minister, I have to do what I believe is right, respecting that not everyone will always agree.

“Forty-five [45] thousand people crossed the channel illegally in the past two years, many of whom have been exploited or trafficked by criminal gangs, putting their lives in danger.

“We need to break this cycle of misery once and for all and the policy we set out this week I believe aims to do just that. It’s not only the fair and moral thing to do but it is also the compassionate thing to do.”

Lineker had over 79 caps for the England national team during his career as a professional footballer.

The 62-year-old also played for Premier League clubs like Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur in the past.

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