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Ex-Arsenal defender Gallas rubbishes Saka price hype

 Former Arsenal defender William Gallas has dismissed the price hype around Bukayo Saka.

Gallas admitted he was concerned over spiralling transfer values attributed to some players and said it would be "ridiculous" if Saka, continuing at his current rate, could be worth up to £400m.

"I always have a problem with the value of a player," Gallas said, speaking to Genting Casino. "If Saka already costs £100million at 21 years old and he carries on developing at the rate he is now, how much will he be in five years? £300m or £400m? Come on, come on. This is getting ridiculous!

"Sometimes clubs are very clever because everybody is desperate to sign players for big fees, but sometimes these players disappear.

"I don't want to see a player like Saka, who is a really good young player who is improving every game, disappear in a few years."

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