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He plays with invincible soul – Solari slams critics of World Cup winner

Famous Argentine musician Carlos El Indio Solari has blasted critics of legendary superstar Lionel Messi, saying the Paris Saint-Germain forward plays football with an invincible soul.

In an interview published by journalist Marcelo Figueras on El Cohete a la Luna also slammed those who were annoyed by the inclusion of Juventus forward Angel Di Maria in the 2022 World Cup squad.

“The ‘cold chest’ ate the championship. I saw him play with an invincible soul, in front of whoever he was,” the popular Argentinian musician said.

“He had to be the captain, not only in football terms, but he bankrolled it.”

According to him, ‘nonsense’ things were said about the 35-year-old in media houses back in his hometown.

Solari also blasted the people who were against Angel Di Maria starting the game.

“A guy on his knees asking: ‘Don’t put El Fideo[Di Maria]on…’ That other one who dug the pit, demanding that Messi retire before the World Cup… ”

Messi led Argentina to the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and scored to help La Albiceleste lift their third World Cup in history.

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