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Chelsea midfielder Jorginho: My family could settle in London


Chelsea midfielder Jorginho admits living in London once he retires is something he'd consider.

Jorginho says he enjoys London life.

He told "I lived in Verona for seven years, Napoli was four-and-a-half years and now Chelsea is four-and-a-half years as well. I love London and I love this club because it has given me so much.

"My two kids were born in London and I genuinely love London, it starts to feel like a home now and for sure I will be connected with this place forever. I need to be honest because when you reach 30 you start thinking about life after football and London is one of the places I would live after football.

"You definitely need to look after yourself a lot more as you get older. It's all the things that everyone always hears and it sounds like a cliche but it's the reality of how it is so things like the way you sleep, the way you eat, the way you manage your recovery after games.

"I try to do my best in every single part around the football side because football is not just going on the pitch and playing. I wish it was as easy as that but it's not, so that's the secret which is not a secret. It's just that people should take it seriously."

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