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Sassuolo striker Antonio Pinamonti explains leaving Inter Milan


Sassuolo striker Antonio Pinamonti has explained leaving Inter Milan this summer.

Pinamonti rejects claims he couldn't handle the pressure at Inter.

He said, “I think those who don't consider me a big club player understand little or nothing. Do you know how many guys go the same route as me but don't make it to Serie A?

“Or they reach it but come straight back? I think I'm one of the few youngsters who went from the youth teams to Serie A without ever having been in Serie B.

“I work to prove that I'm worth this division. I'm doing well at Sassuolo, I'm not just passing through. Sassuolo invested a lot to get me and I have a lot of expectations here.

“I want to conquer them but with mentality because ambitions can sometimes become limits. Here there's the right climate."

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